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Hang them on the wall if you wish, but these
Ojibwa style snowshoes are the real deal.
Of all the many shapes of snowshoes, the 
Ojibwa, with its pointed tail, highly efficient 
pointed toe and "nesting" shape is highly
reccommened. This beautiful design comes 
down from thousands of years of challenge 
and survival. It is strongly preferred by 
Canadian and US snowshoers and winter 
guides as the top design for beginners to 
start on, best for general day trips and for 
serious expeditions. On Ojibwas you can 
be an expert in 20 minutes, without lessons, 
prior experience or special gear. Adult size.
Made in Minnesota.

  End of September SALE! $390.00 plus S&H We ship Worldwidextag.gif (1426 bytes)
           Snowshoe Kit $200.00 build your own snowshoes

 The unique tubular nylon lacing is immensely strong (1400# per strand!), light (1.5 pounds less per pair!) and durable
(resists abrasion, won't stretch, sag or be gnawed upon!). Our finished snowshoes are tops - apples among oranges -
a better design, stronger lacing and more and better varnish than any others! If you don't have the time or the need to
make your own, order finished shoes and start right in.

Snowshoes you make from our kits will truly be every bit as great. People tend to make snowshoes from kits not so
much to save money (which you do, but it's a fringe benefit) as to have the satisfaction of making something fine.
Choose a kit because something about making it seems right and intriguing and enjoyable to you.

Kit frames are pre-bent, sanded and assembled, and our lacing easier to tie than ANY other material. Three coats of
urethane varnish turn lacing and frames the warm, amber color of traditional "babiche". Lacing your first pair will take
2 to 3 evenings, plus 3 coats of varnish. Additional pairs take only about an evening each - there's a learning curve!
Kits include frames, plenty of easy-to-use lacing material and clear, detailed instructions complete with photographs.

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