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Captain's Storage XL Beds

These Captain’s Storage Extra Long Beds are spacious enough for the tallest toddler and many adults! Choose from Black. Espresso, blue, white, walnut, grey and so much more! This extra long child or adult storage bed is a great piece of furniture to invest in to have for years to come! If you are transitioning your younger child into a larger bed, this XL Captain Storage Bed will be a helpful piece of furniture to support a smooth transition while also keeping all of your belongings organized and stored away. If you are a student looking to keep your studies clear of clutter for when you really need to focus, purchasing this storage bed will give you two products for the price of one: an extra long bed providing you with the extra sleeping space and saving room space as well as the included storage within the bed gives you extra drawers to place any books, digital devices or any items needing to be stored away for later use. With this Captain’s Storage XL bed enjoy the convenience of two products for the price of one - also packaged as one! 

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