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Retro Accessories

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  • Cathedral Radio

    1933 Cathedral Radio

    The Cathedral Radio, introduced in 1932, is one of the most widely recognized designs of all antique radios. It has quite simply been dubbed the "Cathedral" or is sometimes referred to as the "Gothic." This remarkably rich replica is outfitted with an...

  • Rocket 80 CD Bluetooth Full Size Jukebox Rocket 80 CD Bluetooth Full Size Jukebox Detail Rocket 80 CD Bluetooth Full Size Jukebox Detail Rocket 80 CD Bluetooth Full Size Jukebox Side View

    Rocket 80 CD Bluetooth Full Size Jukebox

    The Rocket 80 CD Bluetooth Full Size Jukebox is the finest modern example of a tribute to the 1950’s silver age of jukebox design. The hand-crafted oak wooden cabinet is formed by artisans who have been building jukeboxes in the United Kingdom...

  • Slimline CD Jukebox Slimline CD Jukebox Top Detail Slimline CD Jukebox Button Detail Slimline CD Jukebox Detail

    1016 Slimline CD Jukebox

    You've never seen a jukebox like this before - or heard one like it either. The Slimline boasts all the power of a full-bodied jukebox - minus the massive cabinet. The Slimline removes just over 6 inches of cabinet depth, while still packing the power of...

  • Retro Wall Phone Red Retro Wall Phone Brushed Chrome Retro Wall Phone Black

    Retro Wall Phone

    Our Retro Wall Phone returns to the wall in this Henry Dreyfuss tribute. Dreyfuss, considered a brilliant industrial designer, worked with Bell Telephone Laboratories designing telephones that would suit a variety of home environments. Well-known for the...

  • Retro Pink Princess Phone

    Retro Pink Princess Phone

    Every princess should have a Retro Pink Princess Phone. Your mom and aunt probably remember it in their bedrooms or at their mother's desk. The Original desk phone was redesigned with this smart new look. The Princess Phone, originally introduced in...

  • Deco Kettle Desk Phone Brushed Chrome Deco Kettle Desk Phone Black

    Deco Kettle Desk Phone

    Our Deco Kettle Desk Phone captures the essence of the classic 1930's European-style telephone. This beauty was originally cast in a heavy-duty metal and then later reconditioned in a lightweight thermoplastic, giving it a more stylistic approach and...

  • 1950's Public Payphone Black 1950's Public Payphone Red

    1950's Public Payphone

    Forget email, try a little chit chat on our replica 1950's Pay Phone. The 3-slot style pay phone was first introduced in the 1950's and remained virtually unchanged until 1965. This appropriately christened prepay-style pay station will take you back to...

8 of 8 Items