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1016 Slimline CD Jukebox

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You've never seen a jukebox like this before - or heard one like it either. The Slimline boasts all the power of a full-bodied jukebox - minus the massive cabinet. The Slimline removes just over 6 inches of cabinet depth, while still packing the power of its larger cousins. Sculpted with authentic styling, modern features and hand-crafted wooden cabinetry, this music box is ready to rock whenever you are. Each US-version of the Slimline comes standard with the LED Diamond Pack lighting to produce a perfect warm glow in any room. The LEDs showcase the front mounted bubble tubes to set the mood for any musical genre. Equipped with an automated CD mechanism capable of holding up to 80 CDs and a Bluetooth receiver which connects to any portable Bluetooth device, you’ll have an unlimited playlist at your fingertips. With a style that is reminiscent of the golden-era of jukebox design combined with the performance of the future, the Slimline is everything you've wanted in a jukebox - only thinner. Each jukebox comes equipped with a 240-Watt Digital D4 custom-built amplifier which supplies 60 Watts per channel through a 12-inch subwoofer, two midrange cone speakers and two tweeters. If that isn’t enough for your mancave, game room or home theatre, connect a pair of external speakers to fill virtually any room with a sound you’ll need to hear to believe. Connect a microphone to sing along with your favorites artists and become the life of party. Music is selected on the front of the machine or via the infra-red remote control that also controls the volume, shuffle play and lighting mode. The Slimline delivers the full jukebox experience, just slimmed-down.

Dimensions: 21.5"W x 33.5"D x 59.75"H

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