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Triple Loft Beds for Three or More

When you need to make the most out of a small amount of space, When you need to put more than two little ones in the same space and still have space to conduct their school-from-home activities, or when you just simply want to re-energize and organize your space - the best solution is a Triple Bunk Bed, of course! No more sleeping space fears before family comes to visit! You are also able to purchase a Triple layer bunk bed that can house up to 6 people! That allows you to have over a dozen people in one roof in two rooms! Think of the amount of money that will be saved getting a hotel or other room service. This one product will be able to support you and your family for time to come.  

A Triple Bed features a Three Bed Bunk Bed in either Twin, Full, or Queen sizes!  This will ensure that you are able to utilize the most of your space for more than just sleeping. Multiple sleeping spots will allow you to use the space for sleep, work or play! These beds can be done as a two or three tiers giving you the flexibility to choose the best bunk beds that will fit into your space. You will now be the star of sleep-over parties and overnight family gatherings! These bunk beds are made of wood or metal to ensure that they are durable and can handle its new occupants! 

The wood and metal materials will also allow you the ability to complement any decor that you already own. Whether you want to match metals you already have with your durable furniture or pair it with your wood from your living room coffee table, we offer a variety of materials to choose from! Safety and Comfort are a given with this bunk bed! The back guardrails and ladder will give you ease into and out of the upper levels and ensure stability along the way. No stress and freedom of space is what you will gain from purchasing the Three Bunk Bunk Bed!  

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