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Fun Seating

Provide your kiddo a cozy and comfy spot to perch with the fun seating arrangement at Totally Kids.  Bringing sports to life with some of our themed ottoman sets and a decent seat where they can also rest their arms. Even some are super soft for comfort and offer them a new favorite place to sit as they watch videos, play games or immerse themselves in a book. Fashioned in a solid hue or pattern, these kids will easily coordinate with their room decor while adding functionality to their space.

We also have a fun colored futon for kids with friends. With our futon, you'll have comfy and convenient sitting that doubles as a flexible option for naps or hosting a guest overnight. Designed in a solid pink with solid legs for a simple and sleek look, this futon sofa comes with a cushioned seat and back to help you relax in comfort. Whether you're enjoying a refreshing drink and chatting with friends or family, or you're curling up with a good book to read alone, this upholstered futon sofa will create a comfy spot for convenient and flexible seating in your home or playroom.

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1 of 1 Items