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Quadruple Bunk Beds & Loft Beds

A quadruple bunk bed is the ideal way to sleep four people comfortably in one bedroom when space is limited. Quad bunks are the solution for sleepovers, extended family, and unexpected guests when extra sleeping space is needed. Some of the solid wood quadruple bunk beds for adults have a weight capacity of 2200 pounds.

Comfortable, safe, and a stylish space for four sleepers in the same room is now more common than you might think especially in the case of vacation homes, VRBOs, and Airbnbs. Once you've decided that is what you want, there are some common configurations that we've run across in our experience working with a variety of designers and trades people.

1. An L shaped or corner quad bunk that has 2 sleeping spaces on adjoining walls. Most of these designs have separate ladders or stairs for getting into the top bunk for convenience. Otherwise there will be a central ladder that will allow access to the top sleeping spots located in the middle.

2. Two bunks side by side on one wall with a ladder in the middle to get into the top bunks. This of course requires one very long wall, but some people prefer this stylewise.

3. Two separte bunks in different parts of the room. This is the most flexible configuration in that you are not moving one very large piece of furniture.

Don't hesitate to lean on our expertise when thinking about this setup. Thank you and have fun designing the space!


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