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The Magic of Murphy Beds - Transforming Offices, Living Rooms, Vacation Rentals, Airbnbs, and VRBOs

Murphy beds, named after their inventor William Lawrence Murphy, have been a space-saving solution since the late 19th century. They have continually evolved with updated design, manufacturing, and materials and are finding their way into modern solutions for today's design challenges. Incorporating a Murphy bed can update and organize your living space, be it an office, living room, or vacation rental (or any room really). They are pleasantly surprising designers and owners with their beauty and utility.

Ashbury Grey Full Size Murphy Bed Before and After

The Magic of Murphy Beds in Small Spaces

1. Space Efficiency:

Murphy beds are the ultimate space-savers. They are typically hinged to an interior wall and can be neatly stored away when not in use, freeing up room. This feature is particularly beneficial in studio apartments or smaller living spaces. Writer Alyssa LongobuccoIn authors a Murphy Bed love letter at Apartment Therapy highlighting how Murphy beds can make a cramped space feel more spacious and versatile. The astonishing bed is an obsessive Pinterest board for her and she is a champion of its use. She writes "As a former apartment dweller that has spent the past ten years making the most of every corner I’ve had in New York City, I can’t help but applaud the ingenuity and space-saving versatility of the Murphy bed." Apartment Therapy was launched in 2001 by interior designer Maxwell Ryan (nicknamed “the apartment therapist”). They are dedicated to helping people transform their lives by providing inspiration, instruction, tools and connection to help people create beautiful, organized, and healthy homes.

2. Dual-Function Rooms:

By installing this unique bed, your office or living room can double as a guest room. This is especially useful for those who do not have the luxury of a dedicated guest room. House Beautiful taps into the expertise of 2 interior designers (Niche Interiors’s principal Jennifer Jones, and Hope Miriam Designs’s owner Hope Danyla) on  when and where to put a Murphy bed. Danyla indicates "When it’s not folded down as a bed, it can transform into a desk or a closet. Not many other types of furniture can do that." House Beautiful is dedicated to bringing you the best in home inspiration and design education. Founded in 1896, they are the oldest continually-published shelter magazine in the United States and are proud to carry on a legacy of great design.

3. Aesthetic and Sustainable Appeal:

Modern Murphy beds come in various designs that can complement your home decor. They are not just functional pieces that are a huge bang for your buck, but can also be stylish additions to your space with a touch of flair. Who isn't impressed when a comfortable bed pops out of a hidden spot? Whether you're a fan of minimalist, Scandinavian, or even industrial styles, there's a Murphy bed design that can fit your aesthetic.

At a time where we recognise sustainability is important, Murphy beds offer an eco-friendly furniture option. By reducing the need for additional furniture pieces, these beds contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle. Additionally, many modern designs use environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing processes.

Incorporating Murphy Beds in Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals, VRBOs, and Airbnb can greatly benefit from having Murphy beds. They allow hosts to advertise additional sleeping space without compromising the living area's functionality during the day. This can be particularly appealing to larger groups or families looking for convenient and comfortable accommodations in areas where large living accommodations are not the norm. When folded up, they can feature unique shelving, artful designs, or even double as a home office desk. This seamless blend elevates not just the functionality but also the overall charm of a room. Watch as people's jaws drop when a bed pops out of what they thought was a nice dresser.

The Northfield Collection: Elegant and Comfortable Murphy Bed Options

For those considering a Murphy bed, the new Northfield collection offers a blend of style and sophistication to fit into any decor. Luxurious comfort awaits the person who is ready to fall into the bed after a full day of fun. Its sleek design can easily integrate into various room setups, making it an ideal choice for offices, living rooms, or vacation rentals. The three available colors that accentuates any motif are the Ashbury GreyColette White, and Whittingon Walnut will make your designer's job easy.

Murphy beds are more than just a bed; they are a smart, space-saving solution that can transform your living space. Whether you're looking to maximize the functionality of a small apartment, create a multi-purpose room, or enhance the appeal of your vacation rental, a Murphy bed is a versatile and stylish choice. We can help with size or design recommendations, just simply send us a chat, email, or call us. Thank you for stopping by Totally Home and Totally Kids furniture and we hope this helps in creating your special spaces in your special places.

Jan 27, 2024

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